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Tim Marsh has been involved with research and development of serious games and simulations for over ten years. He was Assistant Professor from 2006 to 2011 at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and held joint appointments in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences & the Interactive and Digital Media Institute (IDMI). He also held positions in the Integrated Media Systems Center (IMSC) and Information Laboratory (InfoLAB) at the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, USA from 2003 to 2006, and as Senior Lecturer at James Cook University (JCU).
He is the Chair of IFIP's Technical Committee TC14 Working Group on Serious Games (TC14.8), and served as Secretary of TC14 on Entertainment Computing (2009-2012). He is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Entertainment Computing, Elsevier and ACM Computers in Entertainment (CiE).
He has published widely in the areas of design, development and analysis of serious games. He has worked in various roles (Principle Investigator, HCI lead, etc.) on numerous small to large-scale research projects in Serious Games, Simulations & Experiential Environments funded through several agencies such as NSF US, MDA Singapore & EPSRC UK. Including, Principle investigator (PI) on serious games research project as part of Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game lab in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Education Arcade.
He has supervised many student serious games research projects and developed and taught the Serious Games graduate subject at NUS between 2007-2011. Past students published at International conferences and received numerous awards, including, best paper award at ACM SIGGRAPH and winners in Asia's SHOOOT Fiesta Media Awards.
He has a Ph.D in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) from the HCI Group, University of York, UK, Master of Science degree in Computer Graphics & Visualization and Bachelor of Science (HONS) degree in Information Technology.

PhD Thesis Committees and Qualifying Examinations

Eng Tat Khoo, Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept., NUS (2008)

PhD Topic: Games for Intergenerational Entertainment.


Hooman A. Samani, Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept., NUS (2009)

PhD Topic: Emotional Engine for Games and Digital Media


Tan Ai Hua, Margaret, Communications & New Media Dept, NUS (2007)

PhD Topic: Embodied Media


Hafizur Rahaman, Architecture Dept., NUS (2012)

PhD Topic: Virtual Heritage and Serious Games
Past Serious Games Project Supervision (selection)
Audrey TAN Yan Xi (now Co-Founder PlayMoolah Private Limited Company, Singapore & Bay Area San Francisco US)
BA (HONS) Thesis (2010): Playtools and Learning

LI Zhiqiang Nicole (now Games Designer at Ubisoft, Singapore)
BA (HONS) Thesis (2009): Game on! An exploration of the motivation of female video games in Singapore

Sharon LYNN Chu Yew Yee (now PhD Candidate at Virginia Tech)
BA (HONS) Thesis (2008): Does fun make for better learning in serious games?


What are Serious Games?


Program Chair, International Conference on Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2014, 1-3 Oct 2014, Sydney, Australia. 

Section Editor for Serious Games in Handbook of Digital Games and Entertainment Technologies, Springer, 2015.

Chair, Workshop on Entertainment in Serious Games and Entertaining Serious Purposes, at ICEC 2014, Sydney, Australia, 30 Sept 2014.

Program Committee, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2014, Symposium on Mobile Graphics and Interactive Applications, China, Dec 2014.

Chair of Working Group on Serious Games (14.8), as part of the IFIP Technical Committee on Entertainment Computing - TC14

Chair, Workshop on Mechanics, Mechanisms & Devices: to Inform, Reflect & Change Behaviour, Oct 15, 2013, São Paulo, Brazil.

Consultant,English Language Oracy Portal, Ministry of Education, Singapore, 2013-2014.

Tim Marsh presents on-going R&D at ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, JCU, Queensland, Australia, on Serious gaming Simulations for visualization, learning and raising public awareness about conserving the Great Barrier Reef, 2013.

Co-Chair, Workshops / Tutorials, IFIP ICEC 2013, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2013.

Co-Conference Chair, 4th International Conf. on Serious Games Development & Applications, SGDA 2013, Norway, 2013.
Keynote at ICTExtravaganza 2013, Singapore Schools and Ministry of Education (MoE), 2013.

Consultant Future Schools @ Singapore 2012-2013.

Co-Chair Technical Programme, 2nd Serious Games & Social ConnectSGSC 2013, Singapore, 2013.

Feature Article "Serious Games Are BecomingSerious Business" appears in October 2012 issue of BusinessReview Australia 

Tim Marsh receives award for R&D in serious games to help raise awareness ofhow sensitive ecosystems operate in the Great Barrier Reef and the impacts humans have on them - see projects

-Exploring The Reef. C2C2012. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


Program Committee Serious Games Development &Applications 2012, SGDA 2012, Germany